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Food Matters for Autism and ADHD,
Julie Matthews, NC
Certainly autism affects the brain, but autism is a WHOLE BODY disorder - so the food your child eats affects the biochemistry in their body and their brain. Children can recover from autism… and food matters. Learn how to help your child using food and nutrition.
The Whole Body Approach to Improving Autism,
Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
Disorders such as autism are whole body disorders that affects the brain. This interview provides a Pediatric Neurologist's perspective of the body/brain connection and what parents can do to improve their child's condition (including how food supports healing).
Nutrition Improves Autism Symptoms - The Scientific Evidence,
James Adams, PhD
Julie and Dr. Adams discuss the scientific studies that support a diet and nutrition approach to helping autism. They share research about nutrient deficiencies kids often have and the improvements seen with special diets. This talk is for every parent that's been told there's "no science" on diet for autism
Methylation and Autism:
What to Know,
Ben Lynch, ND, PhD
Methylation affects neurotransmitter activity, allergy response, mitochondrial function, and many more processes, and is found to be impaired in autism. Research shows more genes than MTHFR are affected. We will decipher the research and make it applicable to real life so you can discover what you can do to help improve methylation, symptoms, and health.
Hidden (Biochemical) Reasons for Picky Eating and Strategies to Breakthrough and Improve Nutrition,
Julie Matthews, NC

with Terri Hirning

There are biochemical reasons for picky eating that can’t be solved by simply offering a food over and over. Learn how you can address the underlying reasons for picky eating so your child can enjoy a more nutritious diet without the stress and struggle. A majority of children through our Nourishing Hope for Healing Kids program reduce their restrictive eating and improve their eating habits... Learn some of the strategies Julie teaches.
How Gluten and Grains Affect the Brain,
Peter Osborne
Discover how gluten can cross-react with tissues in your child’s body and brain causing autoimmune reactions and serious harm. Learn several ways you can react to gluten and how to test to see if it’s affecting your child.
Improving Methylation and Brain Chemistry with Customized Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids,
William Walsh, PhD and Albert Mensah, MD
Proper methylation is essential for balanced brain chemistry. Functional lab markers help paint a complete picture of the biochemical individuality of the person, and which particular supplements would be most helpful. With this information, a supplement plan can be created based on the customized needs of the individual and may include targeted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to improve ADHD, autism, anxiety in children (and adults).
Body Ecology, Genetics, and Optimal Nutrition for a Healthy Child,
Donna Gates
Donna Gates has been a staple in healing diet circles for children with autism and other special needs for decades. In this interview, she discusses key aspects of the Body Ecology that help children improve their health, learning, and behavior. She also discusses the importance of good nutrition during pregnancy and how to meet these special nutrition needs. And we discuss the importance of our genome, genetic polymorphisms, and our microbial genome from our microbiome.
BioIndividual Nutrition for Autism and Related Conditions,
Julie Matthews, NC

with Trudy Scott

A special diet is important for healing. but with so many diets claiming to be the “one” best, which should you choose? The truth is, there is no "one-size-fits-all" diet. The diet that’s right for an individual must be customized to their unique needs. Learn how certain symptoms can tell you which foods are not tolerated and which therapeutic diet approach is best.
Oxalates, the Inflammasome, Autoimmunity and Autism,
Susan Owens, MS
Oxalates are known to create inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, as well as impair mitochondrial enzymes. More recently, it has been discovered that oxalate activates inflammasomes. Inflammasome activation creates ongoing inflammation in the body and is implicated in many other chronic diseases, including autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimers. We will explore the research into oxalates and autism, as well as the interplay of inflammasomes and mitochondrial function.
Wahls Protocol for Children with Special Needs,
Terry Wahls, MD
The Wahls Diet has been successfully used with hundreds of individuals with M.S. and in several research studies. Dr. Terry Wahls explains how the Wahls Protocol helps many neurological conditions including children with autism, ADHD, and anxiety. In this interview, she shares what nutrition principles she finds key to healing, and how to apply different stages of the Wahls Diet to children’s special needs. She includes three things people can use right now.
The "Dirt" That Your Doctor is not Telling You About (Mitochondrial Dysfunction),
Maya Shetreat, MD
Over 30% of children with autism have mitochondrial dysfunction, and since mitochondria are the powerhouse of every cell, impairment affects every cell and organ system of the body. Learn what toxins, deficiencies, and even foods can damage and impair mitochondria, and what you can do at home to help your child, including one of the simplest solutions, dirt. We discuss how getting dirty through fresh food and time in nature can help with mitochondrial and neurological recovery.
Strengthening Your Child's Immune System and Autism as a Neuroimmune Condition,
Elisa Song, MD
Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders are neuro-immune conditions where the gut-brain-immune systems all connected and influence the disorder. Learn how to strengthen and fortify your child’s immune system. Discover how infections, Lyme disease and PANDAS, inflammation, and a disordered immune system can cause neurological symptoms and how you can help your child.
Integrative Medicine for Autism; Insights from 20 Years of Practice,
Kurt Woeller, DO
Autism is a whole body disorder with underlying biochemical imbalances including inflammation that cause neurological symptoms. By addressing these underlying factors with integrative/biomedicine interventions children can heal. Learn the foundations, what to ask your doctor, and how to take charge of your child's health care.
Real Parent Experiences: Personalized Nutrition in Action,
Katie Keene, Paula Eaton, McKayla Leber, Amanda Vontelas, and Joe Conte
Children can improve, sometimes dramatically. These moms have been right where you are now and applied diet and nutrition strategies to help heal their children. Hear exactly what they did, how they did it, and learn what's consistently been effective.

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