Cooking to Heal

  • Are you or your child following a special diet?
  • Do you have food allergies or intolerances?
  • Concerned that your picky eater is getting adequate nutrition?
  • Want to try GFCF but afraid your child will have nothing to eat?
  • Cooking To Heal will help you succeed with special diets

I want you to feel encouraged and know—that you can follow a special diet!

Cooking To Heal will help you become more effective at making nutritious meals your child will actually eat. Julie3I created Cooking to Heal to make it easy to follow a healing diet (or two) for children with autism, ADHD, eczema, allergies and more. In Cooking to Heal, I share many of the ideas and strategies I’ve learned over a decade of working with families. All ideas and recipes are picky-eater tested – I learned early on that even the BEST/nutritious meal plan wouldn’t help… if your child won’t eat the food!  


Is Your Special Diet Working?

The MAIN REASON people do not make the most of diet is because they don’t know what to doCooking to Heal includes specialized nutrition AND cooking instruction so you will learn what you need to know to have the skill and confidence to make it work!

  • Learn how to cook healthfully and ensure adequate nutrition
  • Prepare special diet recipes that your children will love!
  • Use traditional healing foods in modern and unique ways
  • Expand your options and effectiveness - Recipes to meet your child's specific needs
  • Help picky eaters expand their diet

Cooking To Heal: Here’s what you get…

Special Diet Cookbook with over 100 recipes – Printed Cookbook and  Digital e-cookbook (in color) All recipes tested by moms and kid-approved!

Compliant with over a dozen Special Diets, all recipes tagged with special diet compliance and instructions

4 1/2 hours of video nutrition education and cooking instruction for special diets: foods to avoid and substitutions, meal planning tips and meal ideas.

Charts/Resources & Special Report: including Cooking Fats and Temperatures, 15 Ways to Save Money on Special Diets, and more

Bonuses: GFCF Success Guide & Travel Card

* also see content outline below

Cookbook for Special Diets (labeled for ALL AUTISM DIETS):

Gluten-free Casein-free (GFCF), Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) & GAPS Diet, Low Oxalate Diet, Body Ecology, Feingold Diet, Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions, Failsafe, FODMAPS, and more.


:-) All recipes are gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free… :-) All recipes are labeled for specific autism diet compliance

Video Demonstrations & Advice

Squash & Chicken Pancakes(excerpt)

Beef/Liver Burger(excerpt)


Learn the NUTRITIONAL Benefits
and HOW to Prepare:

  • Grain-free and Gluten-free Breads and Snacks
  • Foods from Pasture-raised Animals: (nourishing to the brain and the nerves)
  • Fermented Foods:
    • Raw sauerkraut, nut milk yogurt, and non-dairy kefir (excellent for digestion, reducing yeast overgrowth, immune function, reducing inflammation), and lacto-fermented fruits, kombucha, and kefir sodas (favorite children's fermented foods),
  • Broths and Soups:
    • Vegetable and mineral broths, chicken and beef stocks, and soups (boost and "sneak in" nutrition with nutrient dense broths)
  • Soaking and Fermenting:
    • Grains, nuts, and beans including how to make nut milk and nut butter (essential preparation for proper digestion and nutrient absorption of all "seeds")
  • Healthy Desserts and Treats

DISCOVER options for:

  • Gluten-free
  • Egg-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free
  • Grain-free
  • Starch-free

Rave Reviews:
Why Parents Love Cooking To Heal

"This class is one of a kind not to be missed! It is easily accessible, well-organized with clear written guides and tastes that motivate behavior changes." - Mary Isham

"I didn't know that nutritious cooking could be tasty too. I now have the confidence that my son will eat my nutritious food without any problems."- Rose C.

"This class has helped me to understand how to make fermented foods as well as yoghurt. I didn't realize how important and easy to make they are"- Welch Family

I wish all my families of children with an autism spectrum disorder and food reactions could take Julie's course."- Toril H. Jelter MD FAAP

"My extremely picky daughter is already happier and more satisfied with her food. Your format is easy to understand, easy to implement and your nutritional knowledge and dedication provided me the encouragement I need to stay on course for our family's health. The explanations have saved me weeks of trial and error and the accompanying frustration. Thank you!" - Melinda Jackson

I opened my eyes to how to cook without grains and carbohydrates."- Suzi Goldmacher


The Science Behind Cooking to Heal

Every aspect of Cooking to Heal is steeped in solid science and years of practical experience with autism parents and children. As the "how-to" companion of Nourishing Hope for Autism, it provides more than 4-hours of learning and inspiration.How can diet help?

When we aid systemic healing through food and diet choices, we are healthier. Since the health of the body affects the mind (behavior, mood, and learning), as we eat better and feel better, we often reduce the symptoms of autism, ADHD (and other childhood conditions), as well as address multiple food sensitivities and gastrointestinal distress.
Cooking to Heal was created to empower my clients applying food, nutrition, and diet to help their children feel better, and improve behavior and learning.

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Is Cooking To Heal for You?

  • You’re following any specialized diet for healing, such as the Gluten-free Casein-free Diet (GFCF), SCD/GAPS,
  • You want to learn to cook healthy meals for your family.
  • Your child is a picky eater – and you’re wanting to follow a gluten-free casein-free (GFCF), or other healing diet.
  • You’re busy and don’t have much time to pull together recipes & meals that meet dietary restrictions for your whole family.
  • You're intimidated by the kitchen, or don’t think you have the cooking skills to follow a special diet.
  • You want to save money and feed your family nutritious meals.

What You Will Gain

A complete Nutrition and Cooking Course: Special diet COOKBOOK together with VIDEO of Julie 4-hour LIVE workshop (sample videos above). You will learn about healthy nutrition for children with autism, how to effectively cook for ANY special diet, specific food substitutions, making healthy desserts, tips for supporting picky eaters, and much more!

  • Increase your success with special diets
  • Expand your options and effectiveness - Recipes to meet your child's specific needs
  • Save time and money - Meal planning and menu ideas
  • Make any meal nutritious - Nourish your child with foods your child loves
  • Help picky eaters expand their diet

About Julie

Origin of Cooking To Heal

Cooking to Heal began as a LIVE nutrition and cooking class for parents and professionals - it was taught in Berkeley California - and is NOW IT'S AVAILABLE ONLINE for people everywhere!

The online course includes even more recipes, charts/guides, tips, and videos to spark your ideas and build your skills to help your child following any healing diet.

Cooking To Heal Course Outline

Become inspired! - Begin Cooking To Heal Now!


*If you do not find Cooking To Heal to be beneficial to your learning, you may simply notify us within 90 days for a refund.

Images from the Cooking To Heal LIVE Class