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  • Are you or your child following a special diet?
  • Do you have food allergies or intolerances?
  • Concerned that your picky eater is getting adequate nutrition?
  • Want to try GFCF but afraid your child will have nothing to eat?
  • Cooking To Heal will help you succeed with special diets

Hello – I’m Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Parents often wonder whether a special diet would help their child—at the same time are worried about their child’s nutrition. For parents (especially those of picky eaters), a gluten-free diet can seem far too daunting.

I want to encourage you and say—you can do a special diet! I created Cooking to Heal to make it easy to follow a healing diet (or two) for children with autism, ADHD, eczema, allergies and more.

In Cooking to Heal, I share many of the ideas and strategies I’ve learned over a decade of working with families.

All ideas and recipes are picky-eater tested – I learned early on that even the BEST/nutritious meal plan wouldn’t help… if your child won’t eat the food!

Cooking To Heal will help you become more effective at making nutritious meals your child will enjoy while on a special diet.

Purchase Cooking to Heal

Is Your Special Diet Working?

The MAIN REASON people do not make the most of diet is because they don’t know what to do – Cooking to Heal includes specialized nutrition AND cooking instruction so you will learn what you need to know to have the skill and confidence to make it work!

  • Learn how to cook healthfully and ensure adequate nutrition
  • Prepare special diet recipes that your children will love!
  • Use traditional healing foods in modern and unique ways

Cooking To Heal: Here’s what you get…

  • Special Diet Cookbook with over 100 recipes plus newly added recipes and videos (digital for instant access) All recipes tested by moms and kid-approved!
  • Beautiful Color photos, all recipes tagged with special diet compliance and instructions
  • 4 1/2 hours of nutrition education and cooking instruction for special diets: foods to avoid and substitutions, meal planning tips and meal ideas.
  • Charts/Resources & Special Report: including Cooking Fats and Temperatures, 15 Ways to Save Money on Special Diets, and more
  • Bonuses: GFCF Success Guide & Travel Card
  • Two, 60-minute “Getting Started” modules for GFCF & SCD/GAPS